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Carpet Cleaning & Floor Cleaning in Clifton Springs, NY

Carpets add a certain kind of warmth in any room. This is particularly helpful in places like Clifton Springs, NY where it can really get cold in the winter months.

Carpets also have the added benefit of dampening noise so if you’re someone who loves peace and quiet, carpets can do a wonderful job at minimizing sound. What most people don’t know is that carpets can actually improve the quality of indoor air. By trapping dust and other pollutants, carpets keep the air in your breathing zone clean. Of course, dust and debris can accumulate and there will come a point when regular vacuuming won’t be enough. Thankfully, there’s Rapid Dry Carpet for all your carpet and floor cleaning needs in Clifton Springs. 

Rapid Dry offers premium services for the maintenance, upkeep, and restoration of carpets and floors for our customers in New York. Our well-trained technicians can remove all sorts of stains, contaminants, dirt, and debris that can accumulate in your carpets and rugs. You will find working with us a delight. We are the experts when it comes to removing stains and we can also help you with prolonging the life of your carpets as well as in removing ‘lanes’ - those semi-permanent marks on your carpet.

Pet Urine & Odor Treatment by Rapid Dry in Clifton Springs, New York

We are the premier provider of carpet cleaning services in Clifton Springs but we do a lot more than just carpet cleaning. Below are just some of the services that we offer in Clifton Springs.

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Carpet Cleaning Services - Our professional cleaning services include hot water extraction, conditioning, vacuuming, spotting, and other methods. Once we’re done with your carpet, it will look, smell, and feel like new. With our processes, even the most stubborn stains such as coffee, grease, and oil are removed leaving you a fresh carpet. 

Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning Services - Extend the life of your furniture by having Rapid Dry Carpet Restoration do the cleaning and maintenance work for you. We use minimal amounts of water so moisture is avoided. Too much moisture can lead to mold. Your furniture does come into contact with you, your loved ones, and your visitors. It makes sense to keep them clean. 

Pet Urine and Odor Treatment Services - It’s been proven that pets can significantly reduce stress for their owners. Even if they have their ‘accidents’ once in a while, you still love them. Your ordinary cleaning methods won’t be enough to fully remove pet urine odor. And aside from the unpleasant smell, pet urine can also cause damage to your carpeting. Let the professionals take care of pet urine odor. We can handle even the most challenging cleaning tasks. 

Trust Rapid Dry to Clean Your Carpet in Clifton Springs

We are the professionals when it comes to carpet cleaning. We can clean all types of floors, furniture, and upholstery. For the most challenging cleaning tasks, Rapid Dry is the name to remember. Call us today at 585-496-9095 or send us a message using our contact us page.