pet urine odor treatments

Pet Odor Removal Service in Rochester & Buffalo, NY

If you have a pet at your home, you are no stranger to the unpleasant lingering pet odor in your carpet. Whether its an odor coming from their fallen furs or them urinating on your carpet if you don't take necessary measures the foul smell will linger everywhere in your house. Pet urine will also damage your carpet fibers, causing permanent discoloration, not to mention bacterias forming from urine will cause health issues.
At Rapid Dry Carpet Cleaning we provide you pet urine and odor treatment services with an absolutely free estimate. Our company has everything you need to effectively remove pet odors from your carpet. We are your local carpet cleaning experts serving the wester Ney Work and surrounding areas including Webster, Palmyra, Mumford, Naples, Geneva, Corfu etc.

Why Many Choose Rapid Dry?

  • IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certificate) certified
  • 100% Eco–friendly techniques
  • Guarantee on all our work
  • Residential & Commercial Services Available
  • More than a decade of producing satisfied customers

Rapid Dry Removes Pet Odor & Cleans Your Carpet

When you have issues regarding pet odors, your best option is to contact Rapid Dry Carpet Cleaning. We've seen and dealt with all kinds of carpet cleaning emergencies over the years. Sp, we are fully capable of getting rid of your pet's odor from the carpet and clean it effectively.

We use 100% eco-friendly techniques and products. We are armed with the latest equipment and knowledge to spot an eliminate all pollutants from your carpet quickly and easily. In the odor removing process what our experts will do are,

  • Inspect the damage visually.
  • Use special UV light equipment and moisture meter to gauge the extent of damages.
  • Apply our revolutionary pet urine and odor treatment to dissolve urine crystals.
  • Kill harmful bacteria that cling to carpet fibers.

DIY/Basic Carpet Cleaning vs. Professional Odor Treatment

Diy cleaning solutions and odor removal may give you a satisfactory feeling, however, going to be for a temporary moment. DIY methods don't effectively clean and remove the odor, rather just disguise the odor with a perfumed scent that wears off soon. In the same way, basic carpet cleaning techniques won't be enough to deal with the issue. Applying simple soap and water solutions can reactivate the odor and damaging effects. Urine can also spread to your subfloor and make the breeding ground for bacteria and mold. So, the professional cleanup only specialized for odor removal is a must especially in times of urine accidents of pets.

Count on Rapid Dry to Make Your Home Smell Better

When your home and carpets are plagued by the effects of pet urine, it is a problem that requires immediate attention. Rapid Dry Carpet Cleaning is your best option to remedy the situation. Contact us through the form or call us at 585-496-9095 to get a free estimate or learn more about our stellar services.