Why Carpet Cleaning is More Important Than You Think

Why Carpet Cleaning is More Important Than You Think

Keeping a carpet clean takes more than just vacuuming and occasional shampooing. To get it thoroughly clean, you need professional help. This should be done more than once a year to ensure that your carpet is really clean.

Having your carpet professionally cleaned will not only keep it attractive, but it will help for a number of other reasons, too. Some of those reasons include:

  • Your carpet might be harboring molds and mildew – If you’ve tried shampooing your carpet on your own, there is a strong likelihood that moisture got trapped beneath it. This can cause molds and mildew, which make your carpets smell musty. Not only that, but mold growth presents health issues such as allergies, rashes, and respiratory problems.
  • Dust mites, bugs, and other pests might be hiding in it – Even if you vacuum your carpet daily, you will find that some bugs are just not that easy to eliminate. Vacuuming can actually launch these minuscule creatures in the air, which can cause a long list of health issues. Dust mites and some other small bugs can cause allergic reactions. These can even trigger respiratory issues when inhaled.
  • Improve indoor air quality – Your indoor air quality can actually be affected by vacuuming your carpet. If you have not had your carpet professionally cleaned in the past 6 months and you vacuum it regularly, you are actually launching contaminants into the air. This lowers the quality of the air that people breathe in your home because contaminants are dislodged by vacuuming and even by walking on your carpet.
  • Prolong your carpet’s life – Yes, regular professional carpet cleaning can actually help you get more use out of your carpet. This is because professional carpet cleaners know what cleaning agents to use to help preserve the integrity of your floor covering. They also use cleaning methods that are not harmful to the carpet, thereby helping it stay as good looking as when you first had it installed.
  • It saves you money – When it comes to your company's bottom line, professional carpet cleaning actually is a money saver. If your carpet does not have disease-causing contaminants in it, you won't lose as many employees to sick days and production will remain at an optimum level. If your carpet does not need repairing or replacing, you don’t have to spend money on replacements.

Who to Contact for Professional Carpet Cleaning

When you need to have your carpets professionally cleaned, or if you want to have it on a regular cleaning schedule, you need to find a reputable cleaner that can help you with this. In Rochester and Buffalo, NY, the company that can help you maintain your carpet is Rapid Dry Carpet Cleaning. We offer professional carpet cleaning services that help you remove stains, condition your carpets, and remove deep-seated dirt from it.

Aside from carpet cleaning, we also offer other cleaning services, such as upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and air duct cleaning. If you have a problem with pet smells around your home, we can also help you with that. Just contact us at 585-496-9095 and we will help you take care of all of these cleaning issues.