Carpet Care Tips

TIP # 1: “Choosing a Company Solely by Price Does Not Work.”

When we invest wisely we get what we pay for. 
This is why there’s a bunch of cheap carpet cleaners out there: They offer low price just to get the job. That’s all they want! Repeat business is their last concern.

But they have to cut costs somewhere! So they have to use cheap cleaning agents, cheap cleaning equipment and personnel whose mission is to spend as little time as possible in your home because they have to rush of the next job.

Thorough, deep-down carpet cleaning takes time to perform and costs money to provide. It just costs more to provide dazzling results!

TIP # 2: “Which cleaning method is best?”
This is the bottom line: what do the carpet manufactures say? Shaw industries is the world’s largest producer of carpeting. This is what they recommended:
(1) Clean only with hot water extraction (HWF). 
(2) Never try to do it yourself. Rental and home units just don’t have the power your need. 
(3) Only trust your carpet to professional carpet cleaners that are IICRC Certified. 
(4) For proof, go to:
Rapid Dry is IICRC Certified! Plus, we have been in business for over 9 years and have an excellent customer satisfaction record. We are members of the Greece Chamber of Commerce and Ethical Services.

TIP # 3: “Clean your carpet often.” 
Cleaning every 6 to 12 months will provide a Healthy Home! 
Our system of cleaning removes not only soil, but also the harmful elements lurking that you can’t see.

You Will Get The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning Ever or it’s FREE 
(Now That’s What I Call A Guarantee) 

Much more than just a price quote. We will provide you with an evaluation of your carpet’s current condition. I’ll make recommendations on what we can do to help and give a firm written quote. You will be better informed to make the best educated (and less stressful) decision regarding your carpet cleaning needs.