Benefits of Residential Duct Cleaning

duct cleaningMany people don't realize the importance of regular duct cleaning until problems start to emerge. The main problem that comes with dirty air ducts is the poor indoor air quality in a home. When your ducts are not clean, any debris in the ductwork will find its way into the air that you breathe, creating more problems.

Some of the problems you can expect from poor indoor air quality due to unclean ducts include:

  • Respiratory ailments
  • Skin allergies
  • Colds and runny nose
  • Itchy and red eyes
  • Auto-immune disorders

When Is It Ideal for You to Have Your Ducts Cleaned?

duct cleaningDuct cleaning is not something you need to do every day. The frequency of duct cleaning is dependent on a number of factors. You need to have your ducts cleaned at least once a year if:

  • Your home is older
  • You suspect that there are airborne pests living in your ducts
  • You or members of your family have chronic respiratory ailments like asthma
  • You have pets that shed

If none of these factors apply to you, waiting up to three years between duct-cleaning sessions is possible. This would be enough to keep the air quality inside your home optimal and will help keep you and your family from suffering from ailments that have to do with poor indoor air quality.

Another reason to have your ducts cleaned is after renovations or repairs done to your home. Remodeling your home and having it renovated produces lots of dust and debris, some of which can find its way into your ducts. When you have home improvements done to your home, consider having ducts cleaned to ensure that your air quality is not compromised by your renovation debris.

Trust in Rapid Dry for All Your Professional Home Cleaning Needs

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