Avoid These Carpet Cleaning Mistakes for Pet Owners

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes for Pet Owners

Keeping your carpets clean while owning pets can be very difficult. Pets can pee and poop on your carpet, leaving behind stains and odors that are difficult to remove. Even when you’ve already toilet-trained your fur babies, problems with shedding and pet dander on your carpets can still plague you.

Some pet owners choose to remove their rugs and carpets to avoid these issues. This does not need to be the case, however. If you are a pet owner who wants to keep your floor coverings clean and smelling fresh, here are some things you should avoid doing when you clean your carpets and rugs:

  • Ignoring messes – When you discover that your pet has created a mess on your rug or carpet, taking care of the problem immediately is a must. If you leave the mess to be cleaned later, you will find it more difficult to remove. It will not only leave behind a stain, but also a smell that will need professional help to remove.
  • Scrubbing the mess – When you see a mess, the first instinct is to remove it by scrubbing your carpet. This is wrong. Scrubbing will only force the mess deep into your carpet instead of taking it out. Instead, what you need to do is remove the mess carefully from the carpet. You will then need to dab (not scrub) the remaining residue with a rag dipped in a soap and water mixture. Alternate this with a dry clean rag until the stain is gone.
  • Avoiding professional carpet cleaning help – Bypassing the pros, especially when your carpet has been dirtied by your pets numerous times, can only work against you. When your pet has been doing their business on your carpet and you don’t get it professionally cleaned, you end up with a carpet that is smelly and messy. Having your carpets professionally cleaned at least once every couple of months is a must when you have pets that love to leave their mark on your carpet.

Who to Trust with Your Carpet Cleaning Needs

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