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About Rapid Dry

At Rapid Dry Carpet Cleaning, we offer premier services for the maintenance, upkeep and restoration of carpets to our customers in Rochester and Buffalo, New York. Our professional, certified technicians will remove stains, contaminants, dirt and debris that collect in your carpet fibers.

We pride ourselves on customer service. The work ethic and dependability of our cleaning crews have established us as the area leader in quality cleaning services and satisfied customers, whether you need us to clean your home or your office.  

Our crews offer far more than just carpet cleaning services, although that is our specialty. We also are industry leaders in our region when it comes to upholstery and furniture cleaning, drapery cleaning, air duct cleaning and mattress cleaning.

In a water-related emergency, you can take comfort in knowing that Rapid Dry's skilled experts will provide top-notch water removal and flood services. If a burst pipe or water leak has left you worried about the state of your carpet, know this: We can dry carpet to remove odors and prevent the need for replacement. Our carpet cleaning services will remove all evidence of pet urine and other stains while returning a clean, comfortable feel to your home or office.

We have assembled the best collection of restoration-related talent in our area, giving us the ability to serve your needs quickly and effectively if water, fire, mold or a natural disaster has forced you to vacate the building. We can also clean much more than carpeting. If your commercial floors or residential surfaces need attention, we stand ready to clean and repair your wood or laminate flooring, or even your tile or stone floor.  

When you need our cleaning services, you can count on having experienced, licensed experts on the scene ASAP from Rapid Dry Carpet Cleaning. Whether you have a small home or a large office, our certified professionals can help. We have been creating satisfied customers in communities throughout Western New York for more than a decade.

Benefits of Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Every carpet needs more than a daily vacuuming to remain in top condition. At some point, deep-cleaning techniques are required to extend the lifecycle of your carpet to its maximum. When you turn to Rapid Dry Carpet Cleaning for those services, you know you will receive:

Elimination of Stains: Our technicians can remove practically any stain from your carpet. Anyone who has grown accustomed to living with a drab, stained carpet in will enjoy an eye-opening experience once we finish.

Prolonged Carpet Life: Because a vacuum does not penetrate deeply enough for a thorough cleaning, you need something more substantial to remove persistent pockets of debris that can damage your carpet fibers and lead to premature replacement. Our regular cleaning services will extend your carpet’s longevity and attractiveness.

Elimination of Lanes: When individuals follow the same routes through your home or office, their footsteps will create visible “lanes” or pathways through the carpet. Vacuuming does little to resolve this problem, but our carpet cleaning services completely remove the lanes.

Rely on the Proven Pros from Rapid Dry Carpet Cleaning 

When you need carpet cleaning services in Rochester or Buffalo, the company you need to call is Rapid Dry Carpet CleaningContact us online or give us a call at 585-496-9095 to learn more about our stellar services. All of our crews are IICRC certified, so you can rely on our proven professionals to take great care of your carpets.